Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pink Heart Fund

There is an organization in Long Beach, MS called The Pink Heart Fund. It was launched in 2005 and is a non profit charity which provides prosthetic hairpieces, wigs for children and adults with hair loss illnesses, including those receiving cancer treatments. They provide women with free breast prosthetics after breast cancer surgery as well as resource for those seeking support or advice. And they also provide free Lymphedema sleeves as well. This is a sleeve that is worn by women who have breast cancer to help prevent the fluid or swelling in the arm. These sleeves can cost anywhere from $50-$100 but are given for free and proplerly fitted by a certfiied fitter.

Donations of ponytails are taken at any time and all children's wigs are made form this donated hair and go to children right here on the Gulf Coast. (Many are familiar with Locks of Love which is a great org., but they ship the hair and it does not stay local). The hair donated here stays here at home!

I visited with them today and met Ms Carol and Ms Gloria. Both two beautiful women. Wayne drove me so when we got there we were escorted to the Victorian Wig parlor. It is so pretty, all decorated in pink and lots of feathers and bling and a big wall full of wigs. I had to be custom fitted for my "Cranial Prosthetic". As you can see after trying on a couple I picked a cute asymmetrical doo, and was told that I looked like Victoria Becham - yes that would be me - Chemo Spice!  After my wig, I was given some instruction on things to do when my hair starts coming out (usually between 14-21 days - or like NOW) and how to care for my wig. I was given a night cap and two adorable hats for free. The wig is a raquel Welch with a price tag of $230! And once again it was FREE. I am able to receive 2 free wigs a year with a doctors prescription. As I was commenting on their services and how wonderful it is, I was told that in February they do a big fundraiser and will have a fashion show, food, drinks, music, etc... and was asked if I would like to be a model in the show. uhhh let me think about that one.... YES! I am very excited. We went to the children's room. When kids come in to donate their pony tails they can play in this cute room and they receive a cowboy hat and a certificate and a pin. Its very nice.
They do accept monetary donations as well.

DONORS - everyone can give hair. The walls have photos of donors and it's not just women. MEN, and girls and boys can all donate.
  1. All donated hair must be one length and at least 8' long.
  2. Hair must be clean and dried.
  3. Hair must be secured by a ponytail or braid and placed in a sealed bag.
  4. hair may be colored or permed, although no bleached hair may be accepted.
  5. Grey hair is accepted.
Many of my friends have said they would shave their heads with me but I would rather themlet their hair grow and mybe donate here to the Pink Heart Fund..hint hint Alicia and Danielle and Tammy!

As soon as I know more about the fundraiser in February, the 10th is the exact date, I will post it with hopes some of you may come and see me walk the runway!

Me and my sassy wig provided by the Pink Heart Funds in Long Beach MS
 If you want more information on this org. you can go to:

they also have a face book page:!/pages/Long-Beach-MS/Pink-Heart-Funds/45882099836

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