Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amazing people in my Life FRIENDS & FAMILY

I was telling my friend Ellen tonight how lucky I am that over the past few years God has placed the most amazing people in my life and this is obviously part of his plan. It's also funny how when you go through something so serious, you truly see who is a friend and who isn't really. If I would have been diagnosed 5 years ago or even 3 years ago I don't think I would have had so much support from my friends as I do right now. Over the past few years I have gotten really close to some people who I adore, very good friends who I love being with all the time. I have also been fortunate that Face Book and Dave Sigur's East gatherings have brought me back in touch with friends that I haven't seen or spoken to in 20 years and for some of them its like we never lost touch. It is so amazing - I can't even explain it. I am very thankful for these friendships and the support these people have given to me. I have all my wonderful friends in the Bay putting on this amazing Benefit this weekend - Tammy (my sis), Alicia, Ellen, Andrea, Danielle, Kelly, Angie and Holly and everyone else who will be pitching in some time to help Saturday night - to everyone at Third Base for letting us take over your business for the night, all those who donated items and liquor for the liquor barrel which is totally amazing - I can't thank you all enough. For the upcoming East Benefit in January being organized by Pub Zero Daiquiri's, my brother Butsie and Dave Sigur - thank you thank you thank you! For everyone who is planning on attending these events and those who can't but purchased tickets and gave donations anyway - I pray that your donations come back to you ten fold for being so kind and generous.

To my dear friend Sabrina in Canada who is raising money way up there for me - having total strangers give to help me with these expenses - you are amazing and I love you! To my sister fromanother Mother Schoen - that book is amazing and has helped me so much - love you my diva! To my dear friend Ryan who was so supportive of me when I was 15, thank you for the cards and beautiful scarves from Afghanistan - I love you. And to my high school friend Lisa who took the time to read and retain all the little things I 've posted here and on face book for sending me that unbelievable box of goodies to get me through this - I mean who does this - only you dear friend - and you know I love you. I have been encouraged and sent message after message filled with information on diets during chemo, web sites that may interest me, financial support information and the list goes on. To know that as busy as all of your lives on that you think of me on a daily basis and take the time to send me a message - its an amazing feeling.


I think that you all know just how much you do for me. I know I continually thank everyone of you but sometimes I feel it's just not enough. I can choose who my friends are, but GOD chose me to be a part of this family and I am so grateful to be blessed with a MOM who loves me more than anything and who would literally switch places with me in a heart beat. A STEP DAD - who has never been anything but a FATHER to me - never a step dad - this man would walk to china and back barefoot if it could heal me and I love you. MY SISTER TAMMY - God placed you here in Bay St Louis, unexpectedly but with purpose - I appreciate everything you do for me and the kids - in fact I don't know what I would do if I didn't have you so close. BUTSIE - thank you for doing so much with the event in Jan. you are so good to me and I am proud to have you as my baby brother. And Linz you know how much I love you too. SHERI - my step- baby sis - so glad you are close now so that you can see all of us more. My Step brother Chris - I know we never see each other but I know you are praying for me. To my In laws - thank you for checking on me and doing the things you do to help out - it's appreciated. To my Brother and sisters in law - your prayers and support mean more to me than you know. To all the Aunts/Uncles and cousins praying for me and sending me messages of support and love - I love you too. To my HUSBAND Wayne - when I married you we took those vows and for 18 years of marriage we have been so blessed with our health. Now we are being tested but I know that our vows stand and we will get through this in sickness and in health, together we will do this. Your love for me is more visible now than it ever has been. I know you are stressed put and sometimes want to just scream because you can't make this better - but just knowing that you love me the way you do gives me something to fight for. You are my world. and last but not least my babies, Adele, Alexis and Joe Joe - you have all been so strong and supportive. I am so proud that God gave each of you to me - I love you all so much that there are no words to describe the love in my heart for you. I live and breathe for you - and one day when you have children you will understand this kind of love - a love like no other.

So in my amazement and all my thankfulness tonight I will go to bed feeling blessed and will pray for everyone in my life - that God will bless each of you and see the goodness in your hearts. Tomorrow is my second treatment I hope it goes well, and is working. I have so much left to do in my life and want so badly to be here for another 50 years LOL.... keep praying and sending angels my way and know that I do the same for you. Will update you on my treatment as soon as I can.... love to you all - Ellen


  1. My personal opinion... there is no better thank you that any of us can give Dave Sigur for his wonderful idea of the East reunions than to get you and Courtney provided for and supported more than you could have imagined! Dave, if you ever wonder or doubt if the gatherings were a good idea... you now have the answer!

  2. sorry... didn't sign it... Dave and Ellen... you do more for us than we do for you... Laurie

  3. "She Who Has A Great Attitude"

    The way she sees it,
    If you want rainbows,
    You gotta have rain.
    So she pulls up her bootstraps
    In the middle of the storm
    And goes out looking
    For puddles to play in.
    She brightens up every dark place....
    Selflessly lifting, soothing and serving.
    She finds joy in the journey
    in both the hills and valleys...
    And just about everything makes her laugh!
    For her, laughter in the face of adversity
    is the finest sound there is!
    She has great attitude!


  5. Star this is an awesome post tomy post. Thank you sweetie!

    MOM - I amlucky to have an amazing FAMILY and FRIENDS - I will FINISH STRONG because of all of you! I love you!

  6. you have great friends because you are one. love to you.