2012 January lets get this party started

Well it's another year and I'm here! CHristmas and NYE were very nice. Christmas was spent with the kids, Wayne and Mom and Pop and Tammy. I love being with family because there is nothing like it. NYE was spent with dear friends coming in and out. We had more food that anyone can eat and we will be eating it thru tomorrow for sure.

Tues Jan 3 Wayne and I will be leaving for Houston. I think we can drive the route with our eyes closed now except this time we were offered to stay at Melanie's apt. FREE. This generous offer saved us $$$. 10 nights at a hotel is costly. Melanie was my PT at MDA. She is best friends with Shelby and will be staying at Shelby's apt, so I must than both of these great ladies. Shelby was my OT at MDA. Jan 4th I will do a radiation simulation and then the 5th - 14th I will be doing radiation treatments to my L4. We will also be visiting my nurses and such while there. And then after the treatment on 1/14 we will head home. I am praying that this radiation works so that i can regain some feelings in my left hip and leg and be able to walk with a walker again and at least get my ability to transfer myself and balance again. The T10 and L4 need to be zapped real good to get goin again!

I know God has some plan for me. It can't be for me to just keep getting cancer and doing new treatments and laying in this bed or sitting in my chair. I hope that something I say on here or facebook really does inspire someone. It's not easy, I can promise you that everyday I struggle with my emotions. But the truth is there are millions born with handicaps that just can't be helped. So I am blessed for the years I have been give cancer free. What are your blessings?

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