Sunday, January 15, 2012


All over FaceBook lately is talk about a Barbie to recognize childhood cancer hair loss. I personally think it's a great idea however, I also have some personal thoughts that should be looked at. In the year 1985 at the age of 15, I was that child diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease, a childhood cancer. I did not lose all of my hair, but I did lose some hair due to the radiation. In fact I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's when NON Hodgkin's wasn't even a name of a disease yet. The radiation I rec'd to my body during that time saved my life. BUT - The lung cancer that is inoperable and has spread through out my body now for the past 19 months is there because of that radiation. Throughout the years I have been a part of the ACS Relay for Life raising money for cancer research and speaking at different public events. At times I became complacent in my life and even forgot from time to time that cancer could return. Well It did return and with a vengeance. I never thought that when I was diagnosed that so many people I consider friends and sisters would also be diagnosed. All of us becoming BALD and dealing with our own insecurities. One thing we first nnoticed was that those who were dealing with Breast Cancer were so lucky. The research and strides made to win against Breast Cancer have been tremendous over the years. Thanks to powerful women and the Susan G Koman Foundation, Breast Cancer is beatable! Avon's upcoming Houston Walk is another example of major fundraising for breast cancer.

Childhood cancers also need that kind of support and I think it will need major celebrity backing. Disney/Mattell need to do it and make it really big. They have the money and power. I think it should be more than childhood cancers though. The Barbie should be dressed in jeans with a t-shirt. On the Tshirt is the cancer ribbon the color of the cancer you are supporting research on - binged out of course and the Barbie must come with a wig. Wigs are fun and little girls do play dress up with them. I wear mine all the time! So there you go......The back cover of the box could be the chart showing the ribbon colors for each cancer. All we ever hear about is PINK for Breast Cancer. Even the NFL celebrates it. Well Lung Cancer month is November....didn't know that did ya?  I hope something happens, any awareness is a blessing, just thought I would share my feelings and maybe something will happen.....we will see.....Ellen


  1. Ellen I have known you for over 30 years!!! You are a wonderful woman and you inspire me so very much!!! GOD knew what kind of woman you would be to so many women!!! You are so loved by all your friends, family, doctors, facebook and strangers!! I pray that GOD is with you each and everyday leading the way for YOU!!! I can't wait to see you again and hopefully it will be soon. Love ya my friend and St. James sister.

  2. Sad to say. Good bye to My Angel. Ellen has lost her Battle she fought hard for 23 months, but never gave up her Faith and Beleief in Jesus, Father Seelos and Saint Pio. She has inspired so many, and encouraged so many to beleive with all their hearts, To Love Jesus, and except what plan He has for you. I beleive Ellen accomplished what God had planned for her. She will always be in My heart forever and ever. Love you my Angel, till we meet again.
    Ellen Passed on March 17,2012 LOVE MOM