Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sr Dulce of Baton Rouge

Sr Dulce of Baton Rouge

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I was told about Sister by Mr Joe Delio a man we met at the Fr Seelos Shrine when we stopped to pray on our way to MDA. Mr Joe a Lung Cancer Survivor prayed with us and then told us about Sr Dulce and her heeling's. I was mesmerized and so stunned to hear about a healer that was so close and someone I may be able to see in person. As Mr Joe was calling his wife and asking for Sisters contact info, a woman walked into the Shrine and overheard him. She pulled out a card and handed it to me to copy - I mean what are the chances? This was absolutely God's Work! As we left the Shrine I felt so good and as we hit the I10 I called to get an appt to see her in person and to our surprise we got one the following week on the day we would be driving back from TX. Again God's Work!

Meeting her was incredible and I can't explain what it's like to be with her. She is just a nun in a wheelchair but when she hugs you and touches you she is illuminating. She will tell you, she does not heal, Papa does. (Papa is her nickname for God) According to her bio, she has the invisible stigmata of Christ and is able to heal. All I know is that she has laid her hands on me in person and told me exactly what I am feeling and I can physically feel the pain lift from my body. On Tuesday nights cancer and terminal patients can call her between 6-8 and thru the phone I have felt the pain leave me and she has described things over that phone that only I would know. Two special messages I carry with me, especially on my lowest of days are: "Papa says you have many more years left on this miserable earth." and "Papa says you have less cancer than you think you have". I will always be grateful to Mr Joe for sending me to Sister. His message came at a time that was so important to me. He is a sweet man and he was just rediagnosed and is fighting his cancer again. I keep him in my prayers and hope that he and his family have a good Christmas. As for Sister, please say a lil prayer for her, she had surgery the same day as me 10/10, was doing well and now has the flu. I want her well again so I can stop to see her on Jan 3rd. on the way to do my radiation. Make sure you read about her too.......

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  1. My daughter and I went to see Sr. Dolce this past week. My daughter, Michele,had chemo for lymphoma last year. Now her numbers measured for myeloma are elevated, and she may be faced with more treatments. Sr. Dolce is a blessing,and we loved her apt, with Michele. She advised her to try a natural approach right now, and to call Sister two days before her next visit on the 26th of July. These two months waiting to see has been hell on earth for me. She is our only child, and has been through so much already. Please keep us in your prayers, and I will definitely keep you and your family in mine. Thank you and may Papa bless you with perfect healing. Namaste, Lynne Moyer