Monday, March 21, 2011

To NYC and home

All I can say is that spending a week in NYC with Alexis and some great girls and Moms - was an experience! the bus ride there was 26 hours but we survived and once we arrived it was like a new energy in my blood! The first evening there my friend Melanie and our girls causght a cab to Hoboken to go to Carlos' bakery - th eCake Boss TV show from TLC, to hopefully see Buddy but of course he was not there :( but we left some king cake and NOLA goodies for him anyway and hope he enjoyed it!

I wont go into details of each and everything we did cause I would have to write for days but the trip is one i will never forget. From the beautiful Cathedrals, to the 911 site to Wall Street to theStatue of Liberty and even SOHO. Everywhere we went was filled with mystery and beauty. People forget that NYC is more than movie stars and nightlife. There is so much history there. Its ashamed, as I was reminded of things I learned in grammar school social studies and civics, it amazed me why I wasnt interested in school. Maybe it s because I have a better appreciation of history now that I have lived my own 40+ years. I want to take Wayne back and Joe Joe. I know they would both be in awe.

I was lucky to have Jina and Melanie and some other great parents with me. They made sure I was feeling ok and was eating. They took really good care of me. My friend Sue who lives in NYC was able to meet us and took us on a walking tour to chinatown. It was great seeing her again. She is a living angel and just does good things for people without batting an eye. If you read this Sue THANK YOU we all enjoyed your company and agree if we come to NYC again, we are hiring you as our tour guide!

Coming home was lot faster - only 22 hours for some reason. I was just glad I slept the whole way. I developed a sore on my arm during th eweek. One of the Mom's a nurse said it looked like staph. o me it looked like a hard red bump that started offas a pimple. All I knew is that it hurt and was ready to get home so I could do my last treatment on that Monday 3/14. Little did I know......

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